Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Daily Mail

Smothered in a veil of lace and beads, Ultra Orthodox Jewish ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 16, 2016
Extraordinary wedding photographs from an Ultra Orthodox Jewish wedding in Israel yesterday offer a fascinating insight into the more traditional elements of ...
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Faded Royals Hold Rare Serbian Wedding

NDTV-Oct. 23, 2016
Aside from a cousin's ceremony 20 years ago, the last royal wedding in Serbia was the celebrated Belgrade marriage of King Aleksandar I and Princess Maria of ...
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Prince Charles' former chef reminisces about royal tours

CTV News-Sep. 29, 2016
Chef Carolyn Robb may be enjoying the Royal Tour more than usual this time ... biscuit cake recipe that Prince William chose for his wedding to Kate Middleton.
Story image for royal wedding from CTV News

Prince William's visit to BC draws memories of frenzied 1998 trip

CTV News-Sep. 21, 2016
From blankets to bears: Gifts received by the Royal Family on their tours of B.C. ... him on his first official trip abroad after his mother's death, royal watchers say.

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