Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Balkan Insight

Serbia Prepares for First Royal Wedding in Decades

Balkan Insight-Oct. 21, 2016
The Serbian royal family is inviting guests from home and abroad – reportedly including British royalty – to attend the 'traditional Serbian' wedding this month of ...
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Royal Wedding: Wadiyar scion Yaduveer to tie the knot with ...

Daily News & Analysis-Apr. 25, 2016
He got engaged to Trishika Kumari, who hails from the Dungarpur royal family in Rajasthan this year. Now, the royal wedding is set to take place on June 27.
Story image for royal wedding from The Guardian

The Queen's speech in full: 'We can do small things with great ...

The Guardian-Dec. 25, 2016
Read a full transcript of Queen Elizabeth II's traditional Christmas Day address to the UK on 25 December 2016. Queen Elizabeth II. Sun 25 Dec 2016 10.10 EST ...
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Revealed: How Kensington Palace aides hid nameplate on ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 25, 2016
There was also a picture of akin to the Duke of Cambridge's in-laws, Carole and Michael Middleton, attending the 2011 Royal Wedding. Kate's mother Carole ...

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