Friday, November 15, 2019

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See Victoria and David Beckham dance the night away at Eva ...

Marie 23, 2016
We wonder if Eva tried on a bazillion designer wedding dresses? Well, probably not when your best friend is none other than Victoria Beckham. Eva's dress was ...
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Wedding Tales: Couple busts a move on their wedding day

Edmonton Journal-Dec. 16, 2016
A successful wedding usually includes a happening dance floor. ... in New York City, Cabaj found her wedding dress at Novelle Bridal Shop in Edmonton.
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The Wedding Dress Guide for Every Kind of Bride

InStyle-Jan. 6, 2016
Enter our definitive wedding dress guide to help you in your search. We sifted through thousands of styles and painstakingly hand-picked each dress that reflect ...
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Has Pippa Middleton Said Yes To The Dress?

Refinery29-Nov. 29, 2016
And based on our highly scientific Say Yes to the Dress knowledge, given Pippa's July wedding date, this is, theoretically, prime wedding-dress-shopping time.

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