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Downton Abbey: Lady Rose's wedding dress revealed in finale 11, 2014
The loved-up Downton bride, played by Lily James, had the honour of wearing a vintage ivory wedding dress – that was incidentally picked up in a charity shop.
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Sticking with tradition: Amal Alamuddin 'to pay' for George ...

Irish Independent-Sep. 18, 2014
The publication also reports Amal's parents Ramzi and Baria have had a lot of involvement in the wedding, which will allegedly be taking place in Venice, Italy, ...
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Marriage agrees with him! Kanye's never looked happier as ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 4, 2014
Kanye's never looked happier as he wears his wedding ring on shopping trip in .... For once, the star was all covered up in a maxi dress with a black and white ...
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Biggest Loser reunion! The emotional moment Jillian Michaels ...

Daily Mail-Oct. 10, 2014
... season premiere of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, the famous fitness guru appears at Kleinfeld just as Tumi Oguntala, 42, is trying on her first wedding dress.


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