Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Business Wire (press release)

Saying “I DO” to GEICO's Jewelry Insurance

Business Wire (press release)-Jul. 5, 2019
Homeowners or renters policies may cover jewelry damage or loss up to a certain ... especially for items worn frequently, or those that may be vintage or antique.
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20 Jewelry Products to Sell in Your Business

Small Business Trends-Aug. 22, 2019
Selling jewelry can be a very viable business model for a new crafty entrepreneur. ... Some of the best places to sell vintage jewelry include Etsy, eBay, local ...
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Pearls With A Presence And A Past

Forbes-Jun. 4, 2019
Pearls in antique and vintage jewelry are also making a comeback, from the Victorian through the mid-twentieth century with an emphasis on a stunning range of ...
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These eclectic jewelry pieces are cut from vintage ceramic ...

Treehugger-Mar. 28, 2019
Aiming to find a second life for old dishes, Amsterdam-based artist G├ęsine Hackenberg converts vintage ceramics into stylish pieces of jewelry that make an bold ...

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