Thursday, November 28, 2019

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Russian Oligarch's Daughter Throws Lavish Wedding ...

Bravo (blog)-Nov. 2, 2016
The daughter of a famed Russian Oligarch was given a fairy tale wedding that spared no expense—including her jewel encrusted $640,000 wedding gown by ...
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Adam Levine performs at lavish $2.6 million Russian wedding

HELLO! Canada-Jun. 9, 2016
Ringing in at $2.6 million, Sargis Karapetyan, 23, and his 25-year-old bride Salome Kintsurashvili spared no expense at their lavish wedding in Russia. The son ...
This Is What a $2M Wedding Looks Like
Highly Cited-InStyle-Jun. 9, 2016
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Pierre Karl Péladeau and Julie Snyder announce separation 26, 2016
MONTREAL — Quebec power couple Pierre Karl Péladeau and Julie Snyder have announced their separation, less than six months after their lavish wedding in ...

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