Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Royal wedding: St Andrews prepares for the big day 28, 2011
Glasgow's 600,000 residents may not be planning a single royal wedding street party, but 70 miles away in St Andrews couples were posing yesterday beside ...
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Royal wedding: couple face separation as Prince William ... 2, 2011
The move would be the first lengthy separation for the royal couple since their marriage in London on Friday. Last night, the Duke and Duchess spent their first ...
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Prince William thanks Irish Guards for their royal wedding ... 25, 2011
Six soldiers from the 1st Battalion, Irish Guards, swapped their combat uniforms for ceremonial dress to help out with the royal wedding - with a handful returning ...
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Victoria Beckham: The style queen weighs up her options for ... 26, 2011
Victoria Beckham is the one guest whose attire for the royal wedding is causing almost as much speculation as the bride's. And given the enormity of the ...

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