Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Royal wedding: Prince William marries in Irish Guards red 28, 2011
In place of the bearskin, worn on ceremonial occasions, Prince William will wear a simple forage cap bearing the regiment's felicitous motto: Quis Separabit?
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Royal wedding: open-topped carriage so crowds can see ... 28, 2011
With showers forecast there had been fears the couple would use an enclosed carriage as they travelled down The Mall after the royal wedding ceremony.
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Secrets of the royal snaps - a £1 worm!

Daily Mail-May 4, 2011
As Royal Family wedding portraits go, it was reassuringly traditional. But there was an unexpected guest in the line-up — and it kept the Duchess of Cornwall's ...
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Hats galore! Royal wedding guests take headpieces to new ...

CNN-Apr. 29, 2011
London (CNN) -- The biggest fashion show on earth, the royal wedding, got underway in a riot of bright colors, flamboyant fascinators and larger-than-life hats.

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