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Royal wedding: Alexander McQueen's protege to design Kate ... 6, 2011
Burton, 36, has already created a wedding dress for Sara Buys, who married Camilla's son Tom Parker Bowles in 2005. Kate is to marry Prince William on April ...
Middleton Plays the Name Game
Blog-ABC News (blog)-Mar. 8, 2011
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Kate and William invite Bucklebury butcher, postman and pub ... 27, 2011
... list to reflect their private mix of friends and acquaintances as well as fellow royals, celebrities and foreign dignitaries. The wedding will take place on April 29.
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Introducing "Wedding Royale"

ABC News-Feb. 4, 2011
Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly digital show, "Wedding Royale. ... out whether April showers will dampen the royal couple's April 29 wedding day.

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