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Queen Letizia's Style Rocks Our Royal World—Her Chicest ...

Glamour-Sep. 16, 2014
In 2010, the then Princess Letizia attended the Swedish royal wedding and quite possibly stole some thunder from the bride in this gorgeous floral-adorned ...
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Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain's wedding: relive ... 21, 2014
The royal wedding, which followed Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's nuptials, took place on 22 May 2004 at the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid.
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Carole Middleton is embarrassed by us, claims god-daughter 24, 2014
However, she claims that since the royal wedding three years ago Mrs Middleton, her godmother and cousin once removed, has stopped visiting and contacting ...
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Princess Diana's wedding dress making its way home to sons ... 1, 2014
Calls are now being made for the royal wedding dress to be exhibited at Kensington Palace, where Diana's eldest son Prince William and his wife Kate are ...
Princes William and Harry Set to Receive Princess Diana's ...
Highly Cited-People Magazine-Sep. 2, 2014

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