Friday, November 1, 2019

Story image for wedding jewelry from New York Times

Put a Ring on It? Why It Doesn't Matter

New York Times-Jun. 2, 2016
The lack of a wedding band on Donald Trump's, or anyone's, ring finger didn't ... I don't think you can call men wearing wedding rings a “tradition” since it didn't ...

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'Frugal' Mila Kunis got her and Ashton Kutcher's wedding ...

USA TODAY-Jul. 28, 2016
'Frugal' Mila Kunis got her and Ashton Kutcher's wedding bands on Etsy for $190 ... When she looked at traditional jewelry stores, like Tiffany & Co., she was not ...
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Macy's Woos Millennials With Ramped-Up Wedding Business

Fortune-May 6, 2016
Among other moves: Macy's is adding higher-end bridal jewelry to its assortment and training its army of personal shoppers to advise anxious couples.
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The 17 Best Wedding and Engagement Rings to Mix and ... 8, 2016
Okay, we admit it: We're a bit obsessed with summer weddings at the moment. Having developed a manicure guide, considered how to beat the heat at outdoor ...

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