Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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'Professional bridesmaid' who is PAID $8000 to attend ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 10, 2019
'Professional bridesmaid' who is PAID $8,000 to attend weddings lifts the lid on her bizarre job and the biggest disasters from more than 150 ...
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Bridal Party Encourages Adoption by Swapping Bouquets for ...

PEOPLE.com-13 hours ago
“We had one accident on one of our bridesmaids, she got peed on,” Andee admits. And the culprit just so happened to be the puppy Andee and ...
Brides Ditch Bouquets For Adorable Shelter Puppies in ...
International-Inside Edition-13 hours ago
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The countdown is on! MAFS star Jules Robinson gets ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 14, 2019
The countdown is on! MAFS star Jules Robinson gets emotional as she's pictured picking up her bridesmaid from Sydney Airport... weeks after ...
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Realtime Campaign Suggests Reasons to Order Custom ...

MENAFN.COM-6 hours ago
The bride will have a say in the color choice (as it is her wedding), but the bridesmaid will decide what style she feels most comfortable in.

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