Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Prince Charles: George is a great name for the Royal Baby ... 29, 2013
Prince Charles: George is a great name for the Royal Baby, we'll nickname him ... The Royal Baby was born at 4.24pm at St Mary's Hospital in London on ...
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Hat-Maker Philip Treacy's Favorite Hat, And Many More

NPR-Mar. 16, 2013
In 2011, Irish milliner Philip Treacy made waves across the world when he designed 36 different hats for the royal wedding. Remember Princess Beatrice's ...

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Here comes the bride and groom (and Brad Pitt!) Hollywood ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 18, 2013
But bride Abi Lingwood's wedding day was made even more special over the weekend, when she discovered Brad Pitt was staying in the same hotel that she ...
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This Wedding Had 25K Guests, But Is It Enough for Style Me ...

Jezebel-May 22, 2013
Some people get their rocks off obsessing about the Royal Wedding, which definitely ranks as one of the most elaborate (and popular) celebrations of ...

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