Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Paramedic bride stops to aid car crash victims whi...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Paramedic bride stops to aid car crash victims whi...: Paramedic  bride  stops to aid car crash victims while still in her ... - Oct. 12, 2015 ... the picture shows the brid...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Children can also evaluate more complex
relations representing them well familiar objects and terrain, what are
garden, field, street; all of these items are able to touch them and make them
a pleasant excitement. But only in adolescence and in adulthood, i.e., only
when individual items and small groups of them have become quite familiar
us and learned by us automatically, can be captured by us
appropriately, the broad groups of subjects and the phenomena which
represent us scenic and majestic landscapes, and only then can
to be experienced by us those are highly integrated as
the consciousness that produced them in our soul. However, while diverse,
smaller groups of mental States, filed in in former
time and in different cases, a view of trees and flowers, fields, marshes and
rocky deserts, streams, waterfalls, cliffs and precipices, blue heaven,
clouds and storms, arise in us together. Next to the direct sensations
emerge in us in a weaker degree the whole myriad of sensations,
received by us from objects, similar to those which appear in
the moment; then we instituted is also partly random
feelings that we've tested in the past cases; finally, we
excited even more deeply, though now vague, combinations
mental States that emerged organically in our race during the era
barbarism, when the greatest part of enjoyable activities have been tested in
the forests and waters And of all those excitations, of which a large part
there is a revival of the old, and it is composed the emotion which
causes us any great landscape."