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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Jewelry Ideas from Around the WorldBusiness 2 Comm...: Jewelry  Ideas from Around the World Business 2 Community - Aug. 8, 2012 Different cultures have very different ideas about what mak...

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Pearl Necklace said...

But if we see that
between savage and civilized races, which diverged in the distant past
and for a hundred generations followed lifestyles that had become
more and more different is a huge contrast in emotions - not
are we to conclude that a more or less prominent emotions,
characterize civilized races, the essence of organized results
known combinations of mental States, combinations, repeated every day
in the day and finding their condition in social life? Shouldn't we
to say that habits not only modify emotions in the individual, not only
generate a tendency to the same habits and accompanying emotions in
descendants, but the conditions which make these habits resistant, can bring
progressive modification to such an extent, that would be mental
of excitation, so different that they may seem new?
If so, then we may assume that such new emotions, and then
all mental excitement, analytically considered, consist of
accumulated and United groups of those simple feelings that
commonly occur together in experience: we may assume that they
derived from the combination of these experiences and compiled them. If the situation
famous race one in any act or series of acts, one
any feeling or series of sensations commonly followed by other ranks
of actions and sensations and thus, is generated by a known mass of pleasant
or painful States of consciousness - these States, with frequent
repeat until interwoven that the initial action or sensation causes
stored in the mind ideas of all the others, and thus to a certain extent
produces pleasure or trouble, which once tested
full actually If this attitude is not limited to frequent
repetition in individuals, occurs over successive
generations, various nervous actions which are part of this
relationships tend to come to the organic relationship They start to become
reflective, and at a meeting with the appropriate stimulus, the whole nervous apparatus
in generations past given effect to this incentive begins
all excited with greater and greater force.