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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Would you wear a wedding dress made from fungus?Th...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Would you wear a wedding dress made from fungus?Th...: Would you wear a  wedding dress  made from fungus? The Guardian (blog) - Feb. 17, 2015 From  wedding dresses  grown from tree mulch ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

"The Gaming of Age of The Origin of Specicesn" (the Advent of
"The origin of species"), about the first of these parties says:
"Twenty-one years ago, despite the work begun Hutton'ω and
continued with rare skill and patience by Lyell, the dominant
the idea of the past of the globe was the teaching about disasters. Huge and
sudden physical revolutions, mass of creation and destruction of living
creatures - these were the fashionable presentation of the geological epic, introduced in
treatment the misguided genius of Cuvier. Seriously was convinced and taught that the end of the
every geological epoch was marked by the cataclysm, when all without
exclude living creatures died and were replaced brand new by new
creation, only the world has returned to a calm state. And no one
struck such a strange conception of nature, which acts exactly in
the game of whist, where, after each robbery, the players get up from the table and
invite a new composition of players.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but I doubt that now
time remained at least one serious follower of such beliefs.
The progress of scientific Geology has elevated to the level of axiom of the principle of monotony,
according to which knowledge of the past must be achieved by study
this, and wild speculation about the catastrophe that a quarter-century ago
we all respectfully listened to, can hardly find a patient listener to
our days."