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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Why it Took Three Tries for Mark Ballas' Bride BC ...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Why it Took Three Tries for Mark Ballas' Bride BC ...: Why it Took Three Tries for Mark Ballas'  Bride  BC Jean to Find ... - Dec. 1, 2016 BC Jean wanted everything to be p...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Let us now consider what happens when language reaches a certain degree
of development, what it takes to could be the concept of names, and became
be, shall be able to store the traditions of human ancestry. Then
it appears that the individual will be known as the son of so-and-so and the offspring
so-and-so of the mother, whose name was such and such; besides, he
known as "Crab" or "Bear" or "Vortex", if he has a nickname in
that sort of thing. Such joint use of nicknames and proper names
it happens in every school. Then, of course, moving from the primitive state,
when the ancestors are identified with the objects which gave name to the estate, in
which there are already proper names that have lost their metaphorical
value, the savage must pass through a stage in which the proper names,
established only partially vaccinated or not, and new nicknames
still all given, and are mixed with the real names. Under such
conditions can arise (especially if the person is outstanding) is
impossible the mixture of features indicating human origin,
in connection with inhuman or superhuman attributes, i.e.
the features of the thing, which was the nickname.
However eliminated and another anomaly: a warrior can have, and often
will have a lot of laudatory epithets: "Mighty", "the Destroyer," and so forth.
Suppose that the main thing his nickname was "Sun"; then if he is in
tradition identified with the sun, that sun will acquire and heterogeneous
additional titles: "Fast", "lion", "Wolf", - titles, obviously
unsuitable to the sun, but quite appropriate to the warrior. Immediately are
the explanation and the details of such a myth. When such
identification of great people, both men and women, with majestic
the forces of nature will be established, then there will be the usual order
interpretation of activity of these agents in anthropomorphic images.