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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Two Different Cultures, One Modern MarriageNew Yo...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry:
Two Different Cultures, One Modern MarriageNew Yo...
: Two Different Cultures, One Modern Marriage New York Times (blog) - Jul. 14, 2017 “I liked that she was wearing a ruffled and pleated...

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Pearl Necklace said...

These analogies in the processes of development and the structure of circulation systems
lead us to other analogies in childbirth and the degrees of speed of movement,
occurring through these systems. In the lowest societies, as in
the lower beings, the undeveloped food distribution is done through
slow delivery and return. In creatures that have rude vascular
the system, as well as for societies, just starting to make the roads and
to carry on these works, there is no right of appeal in certain
directions, but instead has periodic variations in the currents, changing
its direction by one point, to another. Through every part of the body
the lower mollusc the blood flowing for some time in one direction, then
stops and reverses its flow back, on the opposite
direction; similarly, slowly goods are distributed in roughly
organized society, through its great fairs, occurring in
different terrains and periodically guides commodity currents. Only
animals that reached a quite perfect organization, and much
developed communities proschayutsya everywhere constant currents having
a definite direction. In living bodies local variable currents disappear
when there are large centres of circulation, generating more powerful currents at
the rhythm, rolling in a fast, proper pulsation. Similarly, in
social bodies where there are large centers of commercial activity,
producing and exchanging large quantities of works, quick and
continuous currents, is sent to and from these centers dominate the
smaller and local treatment of the slow rhythm of fairs becomes more
the bustle of the weekly markets, and in major distribution centers
weekly markets are on the increase daily, and at the same time is slow
transportation of goods from place to place, done first weekly and then
two or three times a week, people are starting to carry them every day, and finally
and several times a day, and still sluggish, irregular rhythm turns into
soon, a uniform pulse. In addition, in both cases, the increase in
activities, as well as improving the device less noticeable in the
the periphery of the vascular system.