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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Our Say: The sad story of a lost engagement ringSa...: Our Say: The sad story of a lost engagement ring San Jose Mercury News - Jun. 13, 2012 I've also discovered I'm part of a sm...

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Pearl Necklace said...

No matter how superficially we have sketched this outline of the process, in essence
extremely complicated and convoluted, no matter how affordable some of the expressed
here the provisions of the objections that space does not permit us to answer the
no less no one can deny that this sketch is something like
the biological history of the supposed new continent. Putting aside all particular
aside, it is obvious that simple organisms, able to thrive under the
simple conditions of life, will be the first successful settlers, and more
complex organisms, needing for their existence in compliance with more
complex conditions will be colonized immediately after the procedure, representing
something like a rising progression on the one hand, we see a combination of
all kinds of amenities. New specimens can be delivered in the form of infinitely
small germs, the germs of these countless, they are scattered in the sea; they
constantly spread in all directions and over long distances
ocean currents They can survive such long journeys
without any labor for themselves; they find food everywhere arrive and
the organisms formed from these embryos, multiply by asexual
reproduction with extraordinary rapidity. On the other hand, we see
obstacles new settlers should be transported in the form already
developed individuals, their number is relatively insignificant, they live on land
and have very few cases to be carried out at sea, if any
the accident and takes them to the sea, in the highest degree improbable that they are not
drowned or died from hunger and cold, assuming that they
survive all the dangers of the journey, they must find new shores already
existing flora or fauna, which would give them exactly the food
they need, in addition, they need to connect other physical
conditions; finally, in order to race them rooted, you need to
least two individuals of different sexes arrived safely to shore. So
it is obvious that as we ascend in the order of organisms and
the success of immigration is a related or other new
incremental condition, the vast preponderance of probability against it become,
so immigration each higher order organisms will be separated from
immigration low period like a geologic epoch.