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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Kerry Washington Wears Her Stunning Wedding Ring t...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Kerry Washington Wears Her Stunning Wedding Ring t...: Kerry Washington Wears Her Stunning  Wedding  Ring to 2013 ... E! Online - Sep. 22, 2013 Kerry Washington Wears Her Stunning  Weddin...

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Pearl Necklace said...

On the basis of the fact that in Bohemia, great Britain and Northern
America coming from nematomorpha seams open so far,
contain only weak traces of organic life, sir R. Murchison concludes,
they formed at a time when you haven't created any animals or
plants or when they were created only a small amount; and because
he klassificeret these layers under the rubric of 'azoic'. Meanwhile, from
pages, emerged from under his pen, shows all the inconsistency of
assumptions if in this period, organic life existed only in
small size. The same traces of life, which has been found in
longingly rocks, considered long time devoid of any
fossils were discovered in some of the lower layers; whereas
twenty thousand feet of strata, lying above these layers is still not
given any fossil organic residue. If these upper layers,
to a depth of four miles, are devoid of fossils, whereas the layers
lying under them, indicate which began life, what
becomes with the conclusion of sir R. Murchison? In Siluria on page 189 we find even
a more significant fact. "Glengarrie Sandstone" and other related
layers, the thickness of which, according to the author, extends up to 13 500 feet, not
present no trace of contemporary organic life. Meanwhile
sir R. Murchison refers them to the Devonian period, period, who had
extensive and diverse marine fauna. How then can we
the lack of fossil remains in the strata longlands and others
corresponding to them, conclude that the Earth was 'azoic' during
the formation of these layers?
But we ask, perhaps, "why, if living organisms existed
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this age or another, more ancient?". It is possible to answer only one
the non-existence of such layers is not more than as a negative fact -
we have not found them. And taking into consideration how scarce our data even
two-fifths of the earth's surface, currently above the level
of the ocean, and how deep our ignorance about the three fifth-covered sea,
we can hardly say positively that such layers do not
exist. But our main objection is that these monuments
the ancient history of the Earth has been mostly destroyed by the action of those forces,
constantly seek the destruction of such monuments.