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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Just the Beginning of Their Growing TimeNew York T...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Just the Beginning of Their Growing TimeNew York T...: Just the Beginning of Their Growing Time New York Times - Jul. 26, 2013 ... she had searched for love the way someone searches for a...

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Pearl Necklace said...

As soon as we derive the synchronism of such ratio,
we assume that throughout each geologic era
existed a recognizable similarity between the groups of organic forms
inhabiting various parts of the globe, and that causal vidoizmenyayutsya
organic forms in one particular part of the globe in forms
characterize the following that era, at the same time was influenced by all
other parts of the globe, causing a corresponding change in
peculiar to these parts of the organic forms. Meanwhile, the assumption is not
only too bold, but directly contrary to all the probabilities. Much
likely reasons to modify a variety of fauna, was not General, and
local; therefore, while the fauna of some countries quickly
changed, other fauna remained almost stationary and that when
the latter, in turn, is changes, then these changes are not
supported concurrency, but rather resulted in a divergence of forms.
But, even assuming that location and spaced from one another on
a few hundred miles, I can imagine groups of layers, absolutely
matching in the order of distribution and mineral characteristics, and in
their characteristic fossil remains, - still present these groups are not
can be considered to be positively proven because it is very easy
to meet the conditions under which such groups can vary greatly
regarding the time of their education. So, imagine a continent,
layers which is cut on the surface in the oblique direction to the line
Bank and go, say, in the direction West-North-West, whereas
the shore extends from West to East: it is clear that each group of strata will be
to go to the beach as its cross-section in the end of shore
next to this point, more to the West, will go ashore the next
group layers, etc. as the localization of marine animals and plants in
depends greatly on the properties of rocks and scree, it is clear
every part of this coast will have its more or less dramatically
different flora and fauna. Now let's see what kind of result should
have the action of the waves during the geological era?