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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: It's wedded diss! Kleinfeld sues frock starNew Yor...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: It's wedded diss! Kleinfeld sues frock starNew Yor...: It's wedded diss! Kleinfeld sues frock star New York Post - Jul. 11, 2013 Zunino “cannot devote his full efforts to designing  w...

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Pearl Necklace said...

This objection, which at first glance appears to be a very
thorough, we will reply, firstly, that the evidence speaking in favor
such relationships are always more or less dubious. We
have already had occasion to hint at some "idols" (to use a metaphor
Bacon), which the geologists, without knowing it, make a sacrifice, interpreting
the device is still little known areas. Guided by the classification
strata existing in Europe, and assuming that groups of strata in other parts
light must necessarily coincide with some of the groups of layers,
known to us, geologists, naturally, too slow to recognize
the existence of a parallelism on insufficient evidence. They
rarely ask ourselves the prior question: are there still considering them
formation of the corresponding formations in Europe? For them, the question lies is:
which of the European groups to classify them these formations? they
represent the most similarities? from which they differ least? Inevitable
the result of this method of research is a great negligence in
conclusions. What comes to this negligence, we will not be difficult to show
examples. Where the layers are interrupted, as, for example, between Europe and
America, you can't have any evidence, based on the order in
which the layers lie on one another, regardless of the mineralogical
signs and organic residues. Everywhere where it is impossible to trace the beds in
continuous communication, mineralogical characteristics and organic residues serve
the only way to determine the membership of the layers to one or
another system. With regard to the reliability of the mineralogical characteristics, we
have seen that they almost have no meaning, and none of
modern geologists would not dare to assert that they can rely on.
If the group of the old red Sandstone in the Midlands completely different
in lithology from the corresponding group in South Devon, it
it is clear that the similarity in structure and composition may not be sufficient
the basis for equating the layers from another part of the world to which any of
European systems.