Monday, November 11, 2019

Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: Photos of Meghan Markle's First Wedding Dress Prov...

Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: Photos of Meghan Markle's First Wedding Dress Prov...: Photos of Meghan Markle's First  Wedding Dress  Prove She ... Elite Daily - Dec. 7, 2017 While I've been speculating my butt...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Thus, words do not form thin films, duplicating
the idea from the front; they call for thought, pointing to
her, but primarily from the inside, among all those representations,
representing other views. The classical language much
closer than it suppose to believe that he
to detect, but it is not parallel thereto; it is included in it
network and Wodan in the fabric, which she deploys. Language --
it is not an external manifestation of thought, but the idea of it.
And thus the language becomes invisible or almost
invisible. In any case, he became so transparent to
the idea that his own existence ceases to be
problem. The Renaissance stopped before a rude
the fact of existence of language: in the thick of the world, he was somehow
type, mixed with things, or hidden beneath them, signs,
presented in manuscripts or on pieces of books. And all these
persistent signs appealed to the second language -- the language of
comment, interpretation, scholarship-in order to make
to speak and to lead finally in motion sleeping in their language;
the existence of language preceded, as if in silent stubbornness, to
what could be read in it, and the words which he made
sound. Since the XVII century it is holistic and strange
the existence of language is eliminated. It doesn't seem
more the hidden mystery features: it still is not
deployed in the theory of value. To the limit of concentrating the thought,
one could say that classical language does not exist,
but he has his whole existence is expressed in
its role in the expression of views, but it sure is limited
and in the end exhausted. Language has no more or other
place, except for representations or other values in it: he
exists in the space, that representation can
to put in order.