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Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: This Israeli designer was asked to sketch a weddin...

Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: This Israeli designer was asked to sketch a weddin...: This Israeli designer was asked to sketch a  wedding dress  for ... Business Insider Nordic - Dec. 19, 2017 Speculations over who wi...

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Pearl Necklace said...

It takes four different
forms, although interrelated and articulated among themselves.
First of all, criticism is deployed in reflexive terms as
a critique of words: the impossibility to build science or philosophy
available dictionary; detection of common terms, mixing
what is different in the submission, and abstract
terms, separating what should remain United;
the necessity of creating Treasury fully analytical
language. Criticism is also found in grammatical terms
the analysis of the meanings of the syntax for the expression of ideas,
word order, construction of phrases: is the language more
perfect when it has declensions or system
excuses? What is the order of the words-a loose or strictly
specific -- is the preferred? What system of time
better expresses the relationship of the sequence? Criticism
deployed also in the study of the forms of rhetoric: the analysis
figures, that is, types of speech with the expressive value of each of
them, in the analysis of tropes, that is, the various relationships which
words can support the same content
submission (designation by a part or the totality,
significant and insignificant events or circumstances
of the thing itself or the equivalent). Finally, in the face of
the existing and already expressed in the letter of the language of criticism puts
your task is to determine the relation of language to what he
is. Thus, the interpretation of religious
texts filled since the XVII century critical methods:
indeed, it was not more than the repetition of what already
was they said, but about determining how
figures and images, by following what order, how expressive
purposes and, in short, what truth is this-that the speech was delivered
God or the prophets in the form in which we were