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Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: Royal Exes: Royal Excess or the New Social Norm?Ne...: Royal Exes: Royal Excess or the New Social Norm? New York Times - Mar. 11, 2011 IN my opinion, certain things definitely do not belo...


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Among the lower types of living beings are consistently dominated by the
animal, the vegetable side of life, this phenomenon is even common.
The name of the "zoospores", the germ of algae, some time
floating freely with the help of cilia, and then fixed to
any subject and germinating into a plant, it is because of this
this apparent commonality of his nature with the animal nature. This community
so much so that many naturalists even sought to establish these
lower types special podtsarstvo, occupying an intermediate position between
podtsarstvo animal and plant. An objection against the establishment
this subkingdom is occurring and here's the crux, what
points can be assumed contact of this subkingdom with the other two.
So, the assumption, which is sent Martino, diametrically
contrary to the belief of naturalists in General.
There is a fourth objection to the General theory of evolution that
same kind as the previous one, and which, although not expressed Martino directly
but, apparently, implied in his article. This fourth objection
is the inability of the transition from life in the simplest forms it to
existence is reasonable. So, Martino says "when you cash only
biological life forces in the plant world, can not appear
mind," - apparently, providing to draw a conclusion from his words that
the animal world forces are such that the emergence of the mind becomes clear there.
If Martino is his implied conclusion is clearly recognized
the existence of the abyss between rational and physical life, which, without
doubt there is as much reason for the gap between animal and
plant life, and even then the difficulties in his way would be no less

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the Degree of difference between the sexes. Observation shows conclusively,
that the degree of dissimilarity between men and women in a bodily relationship
not the same for all human types.
For example, the bearded races of dissimilarity between a man and a woman
much stronger than that of the beardless races From South American tribes men and
women are much more similar among themselves in appearance, etc., than
any other peoples. Here itself is the question: is
the emotional nature of the same sex from the emotional nature of the other in some
constant degree, or the degree of this difference is changeable? Hardly
likely to the difference that was constant, if it changes, we
now you have to ask within what limits it fluctuates, and what
conditions it is called?