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Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: Necklace Worn by Diana Goes on the BlockNew York T...

Pearl Bracelet | Pearl Jewelry Fashion: Necklace Worn by Diana Goes on the BlockNew York T...: Necklace  Worn by Diana Goes on the Block New York Times (blog) - Sep. 15, 2010 She wore the  necklace  on June 3, 1997, at a gala p...

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Pearl Necklace said...

If you compare natural selection with artificial and mark them
similarity, then, apparently, there's no uncertainty, however,
the disadvantage is that this uncertainty is not one that we
need. Tacitly implied Nature that produces selection, is not
personal power, the same person performing the selection artificially; and
recruitment is not a specific choice of individuals, but the destruction of many species
as a result of conditions that one individual successfully resists because
continues to live and reproduce. Darwin gave the word value
misleading. He says in the introduction to his essay "Animals
and Plants under Domestication" (p. 6): "for the Sake of brevity, I sometimes talked about
natural selection, as reasonable force. I also, often personified the word
"Nature", because I found it difficult to avoid this ambiguity, but I
mean by Nature only the aggregate action and product of many
the natural laws... and under the law only a specific sequence
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of the fittest" {Although Darwin approved of this expression and at times
used it, however, it is not adopted it for permanent use;
he finds, rightly, that the expression "natural selection" in
some cases preferable. See "Animals and Plants under
Domistication (first edition)". Vol. I, p. 6; and "Origin of Species" (6th
ed., R. 49).}, I stopped trying to get famous
phenomena more accurate than metaphorical terms; however, this expression does not
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in the first word vaguely, and in the second it clearly shows through anthropocentric
The idea of experiencing necessarily involves the human point of view,
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