Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario Get Married in ... 11, 2016
Guests spent the wedding weekend in glamorous camping tents that were set up at the wedding venue. The couple drove up to the venue with a group of family ...
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Albania Prepares for Historic Royal Wedding

Balkan Insight-Oct. 4, 2016
Prince Leka, the grandson of King Zog, will get married this weekend in Tirana in the country's second-ever royal wedding, which royalists hope will revive the ...
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Was she pushing for a ring? Taylor Swift 'talked about ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 7, 2016
On Tuesday Entertainment Tonight claimed that the Bad Blood hit maker was talking to friends about wedding her boyfriend, 32, of 15 months just weeks before ...
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Queen thought Diana was a 'misfit' but now sees she 'radiates ... 7, 2016
Despite being dubbed a 'misfit' in the Royal inner circle Diana closed the gap between ... And, to her credit the Queen did her best for her son's marriage, even ...

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