Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Telegraph.co.uk

Monaco's modern-day Princess Grace

Telegraph.co.uk-Jun. 20, 2011
... disarmingly poker-faced about the sartorial challenges facing a Royal bride ... She had been playing volleyball all day and threw on a green dress in a rush.
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Kate Middleton Begins Christmas Dress Shopping; Which ...

International Business Times-Nov. 29, 2011
Kate Middleton Begins Christmas Dress Shopping; Which Designers Are on Her List? ... McQueen is the label behind Middleton's stunning wedding dress.
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Pictured: The fairytale Western wedding of Lauren Bush and ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 19, 2011
'Any experience of a girl picking out her wedding dress is amazing, but I have to say it was really special to work with David's dad, to see him in action with his ...
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Royal wedding or Big Fat Gypsy wedding: Who got it right and ...

Mirror.co.uk-May 1, 2011
So who got it royally right... and who's fit for a big fat gypsy wedding? ... Victoria Beckham: The slash-neck dress from her own collection was stunning. But the ...

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