Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from People Magazine

Look How Much Princess Kate's Bridesmaid Lady Louise Has ...

People Magazine-May 17, 2015
Prince Edward's daughter, 11, was spotted enjoying the Royal Windsor ... for Kate during the big royal wedding and was featured in several of the royal portraits.
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Kate and William's wedding menu sells for over £800 31, 2015
The royal item was sold at Nate D. Sanders Auction in L.A on Thursday. The dinner menu ... The menu was from Prince William and Kate's wedding day in 2011.
Story image for royal wedding from Glamour

Meet the Belgian Prince Who Gave Up His Chance to Be King ...

Glamour-Jul. 31, 2015
And the palace confirmed this week that because Prince Amedeo failed to obtain a royal decree for the marriage from the king, he effectively gave up his place in ...
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Charles in America: a look back at the prince's US visits 17, 2015
1985: While previous royal visits had garnered considerable attention, the frenzy that ... The pair met five days after the royal wedding, which saw Charles' son ...

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