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Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Look away, Joe! Sofia Vergara looks radiant as she models ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 24, 2015
You can shop the current collection by clicking to the right. Or, snap up our selection of gowns below. Some dresses are clearly meant for the bride, so if you're ...
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Where to Shop for Mother of the Bride Gowns in LA

Racked-Jun. 3, 2015
In addition to its inventory of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, the family-operated bridal mecca chain boasts a wide selection of affordable occasional ...
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Benedict Cumberbatch's Wife's Wedding Dress Has Been ...

BuzzFeed News-Mar. 27, 2015
Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch freaked the hell out of us by surprising us with his engagement to Sophie Hunter? The Times ...
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3 On Your Side: Goodwill Valentine's Day Wedding Dress Sale

CBS Local-Feb. 13, 2015
For some brides-to-be the day will also involve shopping for a wedding dress. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan tells us about one sale that ...


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the types which were different. Meanwhile music and poetry, though still
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and sung; and although in the beginning the song of the poet was accompanied by a dancing chorus,
it subsequently became independent. Even later, when the poem
differentiated into epic and lyric, when customary
lyric poem to sing and recite epic, it was the birth of poetry. So
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