Monday, November 18, 2019

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Kate Middleton spotted shopping for maternity wear in Topshop 1, 2013
She has been spotted in stores including Jigsaw, Gap and Warehouse. She was recently spotted wearing a monochrome MaxMara wrap dress when she visited ...
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Colour coordinated! Tamara Ecclestone matches her grey ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 27, 2013
Tamara Ecclestone matches her grey shoes to her dress for shopping trip... doing ... in the run up to what is expected to be a blow-out wedding to her other half.
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Best Things to Do With Your Wedding Dress

Money Talks News (blog)-Jul. 15, 2013
Once you've said yes to the wedding dress and had your ceremony, what do you .... through a consignment shop or via a classified ad in the local newspaper.
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How much is your old wedding dress worth? A new online ...

Daily Mail-May 2, 2013
Celebrity fans: Beyonce's crystal-encrusted Barraci wedding dress is for sale for ... 'I was under pressure to pick one and I went to a number of bridal shops and ...

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