Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Karlie Kloss Had a Royal Wedding Date This Weekend

Vanity Fair-Sep. 26, 2016
Karlie Kloss turned 24 this summer, which means she has officially hit the age at which she has a wedding to attend at least a few times in one year. But she ...
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Albania hosts only its second ever royal wedding - and the first ...

Daily Mail-Oct. 8, 2016
Albania's King Leka II married longtime fiancee Elia Zaharia in an opulent ceremony in capital Tirana; It is the Balkan country's second royal wedding since King ...
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Queen Elizabeth II: A History of Fashion

CTV News-Jun. 10, 2016
... takes a look at Her Majesty's nine decades of royal fashion. ... wore at her wedding to Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, in November 1947.
Taking to the streets: 90 years of partying with The Queen 10, 2016
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Royal wines: What Mission Hill served to Prince William and ... 28, 2016
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tasted wine and picked grapes at Mission Hill Winery in British Columbia as part of their tour of Canada.

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