Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Jordan Royal Wedding: Prince Hamzah Marries Princess ...

International Business Times-Jan. 16, 2012
The first royal wedding of 2012 took place on Thursday, with Jordan's Prince Hamzah Bin al Hussein marrying his new bride, Princess Basma. The groom wore ...
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Carey Mulligan marries Marcus Mumford in a beautiful ... 23, 2012
Despite the low-key nature of the wedding, the couple chose to invite several of their celebrity friends. Oscar winner Colin Firth and a pregnant Sienna Miller ...
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Pippa Middleton wears Kate Middleton's Issa engagement ...

Marie 21, 2012
Pippa Middleton wore a raspberry version of Kate Middleton's blue Issa engagement dress to a wedding over the weekend. It's not unusual for Pippa Middleton ...

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