Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Jewelry Trends: From Runway to Reality

Forbes-Mar. 18, 2019
Most of the modern fine jewelry and rare antique pieces have been chosen from Instagram posts to display how pieces can be styled and how they compare to ...
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Jewelry Mixologists

Forbes-Oct. 17, 2019
They have tapped into the modern woman's ever-evolving desire for the soul, character and backstories of antique and vintage jewelry. And they are combining ...
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We Found The Most Bookmark-Worthy Vintage Sellers On eBay

Refinery29-Aug. 10, 2019
Despite its foray into omni-retail-dom, we still use the site anytime we have an itch for vintage sterling silver jewelry, a pair of perfectly broken-in Levi's, or a ...
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A Look at Awards Show Jewelry: Bolder and Brighter

Variety-Feb. 21, 2019
And Dakota Fanning accessorized her Armani gown with a vintage diamond garland necklace by Neil Lane at Beladora.“Antique jewelry is making a comeback ...

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