Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Inside US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's 'Perfect' Hawaiian Hindu ...

People Magazine-Apr. 10, 2015
In addition to wedding dress stress, Gabbard says she and Williams were a bit worried about the weather, which initially called for a 50 percent chance of rain.
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Which designer wedding dress should Lady Gaga wear?

New York Post-May 22, 2015
Fashion bible WWD has declared Lady Gaga “Bride of the Decade.” Considering the theatrical megastar is the least predictable person alive and has the ...
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Stop Telling Me You Can't Wait to Attend My Indian Wedding

Racked National-Jun. 1, 2015
You can picture them sitting in coffee shops or at their desks at work or next to each ... A bride's white dress and floor-length veil aren't called costumes even ...
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Why Hong Kong Is the Bridal Gown Capital of Asia

Forbes-Aug. 31, 2015
There are six Vera Wang stores located throughout Asia. However, many of the brides around the region hop on a plane and fly especially to Hong Kong to buy ...

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