Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from New York Times

In India, a Father's Legacy Becomes a Jewelry Museum

New York Times-Sep. 11, 2018
Besides the museum's obvious appeal for jewelry fans, Indophiles and aficionados of antique craftsmanship, it is also a destination for design lovers.
Story image for vintage jewelry from Palm Beach Daily News

Pop-up bringing vintage costume jewelry to Worth Avenue

Palm Beach Daily News-Jan. 29, 2018
Part-time Palm Beachers Connie Kay and Judie Simkins have been collecting and selling costume jewelry for 25 years in pop-up shows in Philadelphia, New ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from nypost.com

Where you can still score vintage Versace

nypost.com-Jan. 15, 2018
Here are the best places to score vintage Versace right now: ... Try this Midtown showroom, which is known for its jewelry and accessories and primarily ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from GQ Magazine

The Best Chain Necklaces Bring the Flash Your Fits Have ...

GQ Magazine-Aug. 13, 2018
But then a funny thing happened: menswear got more casual, jewelry became cool again, and suddenly every stylish famous guy on the planet began dangling ...

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