Saturday, November 16, 2019

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'I flew 10000 miles to buy my third wedding dress - and it had ... 25, 2015
The first time I got married, I chose my wedding dress in 50 minutes, while my .... This is the point where I should probably talk about the dress-shopping ...
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Bride spends EIGHT months - and just $70 - crocheting her ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 16, 2015
While dress shopping, Abbey Ramirez-Bodley, 22, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, found that the bridal gowns she liked were 'outrageously expensive'. But when she ...
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Watch Iggy Azalea Sing 'Fancy' and Shop for Wedding ...

Billboard-Jun. 19, 2015
Watch the video below -- at the end, they step into a bridal shop for a little late night Say Yes To The Dress, though we'd guess the chances of Iggy wearing ...
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The 13 Best Places to Buy Wedding Dresses on the Cheap

StyleCaster-Jun. 5, 2015
Etsy: You already turn to Etsy for everything else handmade and quirky, so why not do the same for your wedding dress? There are dozens of Etsy stores that ...

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