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How to Buy a Wedding Dress, Lesson 2: Have Fun, Damn It

Glamour-Oct. 8, 2014
When it comes to shopping for wedding dresses, you might think I'd be somewhat of an expert. But I learned a surprising lesson when I went "second time" ...
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51 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses For The Ultimate Guide ...

Bustle-Jul. 2, 2014
Because plus-size shopping is still a struggle for many of us fuller-figured women, I wanted to create the ultimate guide to shopping wedding guest and occasion ...
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Saskatoon bridal store caters to plus-size brides 5, 2014
For plus size women, shopping for a wedding gown can be right up there with shopping for a bathing suit. A store in Saskatoon is hoping to change that, and ...
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Say "I Do" to 10 Wedding Dresses Under $1000

InStyle-Mar. 10, 2014
Which got us thinking: What else is out there for brides that's beautiful and affordable? We went on the hunt for budget-friendly wedding dresses, and found 10 ...
The £60 wedding dress: H&M unveils debut bridal gown
Highly Cited-Daily Mail-Mar. 7, 2014


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