Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from The Guardian

How I fell in love with antique jewellery

The Guardian-Feb. 19, 2018
It was Instagram's antique jewellery community who enthralled us – a passionate, politically engaged, occasionally batshit-crazy bunch of adornment adorers, ...
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Why Debra Messing Stopped Waiting for Anyone Else to Buy ...

Hollywood Reporter-Nov. 16, 2018
Her love of vintage jewelry, meanwhile, has led to an interest in vintage timepieces, too: She bought a 1910 pocket watch with chain in London and sometimes ...
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Where to buy the best vintage, period and antique jewellery

Telegraph.co.uk-Mar. 28, 2018
But people's perception of antique and vintage jewellery seems to be skewed – they either assume it's far too important and expensive to consider, or (and ...
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The Times Are Changing In The World Of Luxury Watches

PYMNTS.com-Jan. 24, 2018
After all, it's not enough to merely offer a marketplace for pre-owned luxury watches and vintage jewelry — the world is far too full of counterfeiters and ...

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