Friday, November 15, 2019

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Here's Why Taylor Swift's Bridesmaid Dress Looks So Darn ...

PopSugar Australia-Feb. 22, 2016
"Reem does the most amazing bridal designs," Taylor told People Stylewatch last May, discussing wedding dress shopping with her BFF. "Britany and I were ...
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6 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Say Yes to the Dress 13, 2016
It may take many dress stores, multiple days of wedding dress shopping, and even moments of patience for you to find the wedding dress of your dreams.
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What's It Like Shopping for a Wedding Dress When You're 6'6 ...

InStyle-Jul. 26, 2016
On tonight's Season 2 finale of My Giant Life, viewers will watch Alexis "Lexie" Crist marry Harrison Majors—but what actually went into planning the six-foot-six ...
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Wedding Dresses on a Budget

NBC 7 San Diego-Feb. 27, 2016
When Cheryl Packer went shopping for her daughter's wedding dress she didn't want to break the budget. "People will spend thousands of dollars on a dress," ...

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