Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Here comes the Bedford Bridal Boutique

The Coast Halifax-Apr. 29, 2014
After a few years of wanting to open a consignment shop for local brides, ... to your dress (and maybe make a few bucks)? Find Bedford Bridal Boutique on ...
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'The flowers were off color!' Kanye West reveals Kim's ...

Daily Mail (blog)-Jun. 18, 2014
Kim Kardashian's wedding dress looked sensational in front of a floor-to-ceiling white flower backdrop on her big day - and Kanye West has revealed that the ...
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Caroline Manzo: DaughterLauren Drops 20 lbs ...

Hollywood Life-Aug. 22, 2014
It looks like Lauren had the most relaxing wedding dress shopping experience ever! Us Weekly reported that she visited the Vera Wang Bridal House on ...
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Jilted bride whose fiancee called off their wedding turns her ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 30, 2014
A woman whose fiancee called off their wedding, just days before it was due to take place, destroyed her once-pristine dress by covering it in paint, glitter and ...

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