Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from The Detroit News

Handmade: Jewelry artist designs with delicate fabrics

The Detroit News-Oct. 25, 2018
Christina Spivak turns pieces of vintage lace into "modern romantic" body adornments that sometimes lend themselves to bohemian styling. The Clinton ...
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Replacements debuts estate jewelry line at event

Greensboro News & Record (blog)-Jan. 15, 2018
GREENSBORO – Replacements, Ltd. will debut its estate jewelry category at the company's first Estate Jewelry Collection Event from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Feb. 3.
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The Women Behind For Future Reference Talk New Store and ...

Robb Report-Sep. 6, 2018
What began in 2014 as an experiment in blogging, interviewing jewelry designers, and chronicling their adventures in vintage treasure hunting, evolved into For ...
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Abell Auction Company Hosts Fine Art, Jewelry and Antique ...

Business Wire (press release)-Feb. 6, 2018
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Abell Auction Company will conduct a fine art, antique and jewelry auction on Sunday, Feb. 11, featuring items from the ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

the optical appearance of things" (Velfflin G. Basic concepts
the history of art. SPb., 1994. P.38).
In this passage in a very unusual manner inherent reference to future ideas
NLP -- neuro linguistic programming, which emphasizes
the prevalence for each individual either the visual or
auditory, or kinesthetic perception (see grinder Dzh. etc.
Frogs into princes. -- Voronezh, 1993; Grinder, J. etc.Structure
magic. - M, 1995; Cameron-Bandler A. Since then they lived happily ever after.
-- Voronezh, 1993; Bandler R., etc. , Family therapy. -- Voronezh,
1993; MacDonald B. a Guide to submodalities. -- Voronezh,
Elements of consistency is clearly evident in other works of that
time. So, Natalia Sokolova in their study, the "world of art"
says, "Peter, the most effective historical character of the entire group "the World
art" is treated in a single action -- the construction of St. Petersburg. They
quite alien to heroic, historic battle painting. Peter --
the commander, Peter in a collision with Mazepa or Alex -- all of these points,
gave food to a number of artists, writers, poets, reveal
social or psychological side of the historical process in the fight and
formation, remain out of sight, Benoit, Lancer, Dobuzhinsky"
(Sokolova N. The world of art. -- M.-L., 1934. P. 129).
Further interesting note about the "drawing
the plot structure of the classical tradition, Somov, Bakst appeal to noble
the symbolism, to virgilianae the bucolic, idyllic for an intimate interpretation of myth;
usually this game of nymphs and satyrs. In other words, the members are referring to
the time of creation of style, which is determined by the era of fracture and decline. They
closer and more shoulder samples in the style of Virgil, reflected in his poetry
"retrograde aspirations of the end of the Republic" than the austere classicism of Rome era
its heyday" (Ibid. P.142).
F. Schmidt with some reservations also recognizes the importance of formal
method in his book ART (1925). He noted that art is created
artist ", based on the user belonging to a specific time,
a particular social group (the tribe, the state, class,etc.)
Yes, and the artist belongs to the same time and the same society..."
(Schmitt, F.Art.