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Story image for wedding dress shopping from Idolator: All About The Music

'Glee' Recap: Santana & Brittany Have A 'Wedding,' Gina ...

Idolator: All About The Music-Feb. 22, 2015
Now, it's time to try on some wedding dresses. Dress selection montage! Santana and Brittany each come out separately to keep the tradition of not seeing the ...
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Greenwich bridal shop celebrates 50 years

CT Post-Jun. 30, 2015
Jack also oversees shopping and fittings appointments to make sure ... “If the bride wants a custom dress made special for her, then the groom can have a ...
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Once the black sheep... Amy Duggar rebels against the ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 7, 2015
Once the black sheep... Amy Duggar rebels against the family's strict dress code and bares her cleavage and shoulders in a low-cut strapless wedding gown.
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Jessa Duggar Selects Her Wedding Gown, While Sisters Slam ...

RadarOnline-Feb. 26, 2015
Jessa Duggar Selects Her Wedding Gown, While Sisters Slam Their 'Awkward' ... Jessa planned to go wedding dress shopping with her mother Michelle Opens .


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