Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Expert Tips on Today's Hottest Vintage Jewelry

Robb Report-Feb. 23, 2018
Here, Carrie and Matthew tell us about their favorite pieces, which vintage designs are popular right now, and the jewelry every woman should have.
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Wagner Eleuteri on 3 Jewelry Designers You Should Start ...

Robb Report-Mar. 1, 2018
Just 29 years old, Wagner Eleuteri represents the third generation of a family that has amassed one of the world's most incredible vintage jewelry ...
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Vintage Jewelry, Art For Sale in Illinois State Treasurer's May ...

NBC Chicago-Apr. 19, 2018
An 1865 Liberty Head $20 gold coin, an 18-carat white gold sapphire and diamond ring and original art by Chicago artist Lee Godie are among the more than ...
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A Gift for You…and Everyone on Your List! LA's Abell Auction ...

Business Wire (press release)-Dec. 4, 2018
L.A.'s Abell Auction Company Hosts Sale of Luxury Handbags, Jewelry and Timeless ... -Vintage jewelry and timepieces by Cartier, Dior, Piaget, Rolex, Ruser, ...

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