Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Duchess of Cambridge: I've never been to namesake city before 28, 2012
Royal aides said the Duchess was making her first ever visit to Cambridge as ... out for four nights in London to get a prime viewing spot for the royal wedding.
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Kate Middleton wears Project D London to walk through ...

Marie 20, 2012
Her style parade through Brisbane airport concludes Kate's picture perfect tour wardrobe, which has seen the royal rock looks from Erdem and Jenny Packham, ...
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Gig of a lifetime: Singing at the Royal wedding was game ...

Daily Mail-Oct. 11, 2012
Royal reception: Since Ellie Goulding sang at the wedding for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, things have never been the same. It was a momentous day for ...
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Royal Pains Scoop: Two-Hour Movie to Host Evan and ...

TV Guide-Sep. 19, 2012
Royal Pains Scoop: Two-Hour Movie to Host Evan and Paige's Wedding and Jill's ... April, but there's another royal wedding on the horizon — and you're invited!

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