Monday, November 18, 2019

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Don't try that at the wedding! Snooki squats in a very ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 27, 2013
Snooki squats in a very unladylike position while trying on dresses in season three of her reality .... The pair of friends are shown shopping for bridal dresses.
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Lady Mary Set to Wed as Third Season of Downton Abbey ...

People Magazine-Jan. 6, 2013
New photos posted by show Mary in her wedding gown as she is set to marry distant cousin – and heir to the family's fortune – Matthew Crawley (Dan ...
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Man uses girlfriend's Pinterest to plan dream wedding 3, 2013
Man uses girlfriend's Pinterest to plan dream wedding .... The problem was, Leak needed to know the specifics — what kind of dress would she want?

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Pearl Necklace said...

Why are philosophers claim that a particular is a fact only if it is different?
Total is not a fact, according to philosophers, because it is not specific. Thus, faced three different concepts (specific, fact and common) without clarifying any indirect logical chains.
The nature of General and specific is so great (in terms, of course) that to compare them is simply impossible. Specific, as we have said, describes the sensory world and, for the most part, the physical world. Overall as a concept is an abstract theoretical thinking. The first is the domain of the sensual perception of the world, the second region rational activity, the construction of speculative concept designs, etc.
But it would be too easy to deny thinking (philosophers) of the correctness of the attribution of specific and General only on the basis of logical errors and different nature. Of course, it is tempting to restrict the notion of "fact" only in the sensitive region of the world and its concrete expression in the physical forms. So here everything is clear, especially at the level of common sense. That is why the perception of fact as an expression of the concrete and does not cause any particular objections. The way it is, par excellence, of modern philosophy. With the exception of some doubters around the philosophers.
Nevertheless, to connect (or disconnect) of the specific with the General through the concept of "fact" makes sense. At least for two reasons: they are definitely connected, moreover, determine each other, and to deny a common-specific content is difficult.