Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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Deadmau5 ties the knot in lavish Canadian wedding

Page Six-Aug. 14, 2017
The Canadian record producer/DJ, whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, and his girlfriend Kelly Fedoni tied the knot on Saturday in a lavish ceremony ...

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Check Out Tara Lipinski's Lavish 6-Tier Wedding Cake (with ... 30, 2017
Check Out Tara Lipinski's Lavish 6-Tier Wedding Cake (with Real Roses!) ... details when it came to their stunning wedding cake at their nuptials last weekend.
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Inside Nigeria's million dollar wedding industry

CNN International-Dec. 15, 2017
When the son of one of Africa's richest women, Folorunsho Alakija, got married in June, he had a lavish $6 million wedding at the prestigious Blenheim Palace in ...
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Mandy Moore Says She's Planning an "Intimate" Wedding to ...

E! Online-Nov. 10, 2017
With a wedding coming up, Moore revealed that she doesn't want a "lavishwedding, but rather something more "simple," "intimate"…and soon! "It'll happen ...

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