Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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Have smaller weddings with less food, Uzbeks told

BBC News-Mar. 16, 2018
A wedding costs around $20,000 in a country where people have on average three ... "This anti-lavish wedding campaign has been going on for a long time.
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British royal Meghan Markle's wedding dress to go on display

AsiaOne-Aug. 29, 2018
LONDON - The gown worn by Meghan Markle at her wedding to Britain's Prince Harry will go on display later this year at Windsor Castle where their lavish ...
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Chrissy Teigen Shares a Throwback Photo of the 'Giant Cake ... 12, 2018
The model's pregnancy cravings have her in the mood for some wedding ... of her massive wedding cake from the couple's 2013 nuptials in Lake Como, Italy.
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Royal wedding: Robbie Williams' daughter cheekily asks ... 12, 2018
Royal wedding: Robbie Williams' daughter cheekily asks Sarah Ferguson if .... bridesmaids today in Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding party.

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