Friday, November 22, 2019

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Antony Armstrong-Jones Was Much More Than Just Pri...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Antony Armstrong-Jones Was Much More Than Just Pri...: Antony Armstrong-Jones Was Much More Than Just Princess ... - Nov. 17, 2019 Before his marriage to Princess Ma...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Near, Identical. Thus the transition from
reflections on the order of Differences (with the analysis
it presupposes and that ontology of continuity, with the
need full undivided existence in all its
perfection, which assumes the metaphysics) to a thought about
Identical, which always have to win in all its
contradictions, which involves (in addition to ethics, which has already
there was a speech) a dialectic and that form of ontology which,
not to appeal to continuity and not to think about the Genesis
except in very limited extent and in a certain distance from the
itself, can and must do without metaphysics. The game
dialectics devoid of metaphysics and ontology overlap at all
the history of modern thought, since this thought
looking is not unattainable the construction Differences, but forever
sysueva disclosure is Identical. The disclosure of this inevitably
concomitant with the appearance of a DoppelgangeR, and that subtle but
the irresistible shift, which is enclosed in this "and" retreat and
return thoughts and unthinkable, empirical and
the transcendental, of what belongs to the order of positivity,
and what belongs to the order of justification. Suspension
identity from himself, the appearance of the gap, which in some
the meaning remains within the identity, but in a way that he creates it,
the replay which reveals identical only in the form of
freed, -- all this, of course, is at the core of
modern thinking, which is so quickly attributed to
opening time. In fact, if you look
closely, you can see that the classical way of thinking
had thought about the possibility of the spatial arrangement of things
in the table, with the inherent purity of the sequence of representations
the ability to conceive of itself on its own basis, samodivas
and building a simultaneity on the basis of the time length:
time justified the space. In modern thinking,
on the contrary, the history of things and of the historicity of human
detected by remoteness, undermining Identical,
detected by the gap, which diffuses and re-focuses
it in two polar points. It is this deep
spatiality allows modern thinking to think time
-- perceiving it as a sequence, foreshadowing it to yourself
as the accomplishment of the first principle or refund.