Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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The 23 Biggest Weddings of the Year 27, 2018
This was a banner year for weddings, boasting not one, but two royal affairs. ... From the ultra-lavish, to the uber understated and intimate, these were the 23 ...
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Why Princess Eugenie Wanted a Wedding Even Bigger Than ...

Vanity Fair-Sep. 20, 2018
With just three weeks to go until their October 12 wedding, Princess Eugenie .... while the Duke and Duchess of York are hosting a lavish two-day party at the ...
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Exactly How Much Chiara Ferragni's Lavish Wedding Cost

Harper's BAZAAR-Sep. 6, 2018
It's safe to say that the wedding of Chiara Ferragni and her now-husband, Italian rapper Fedez, has already safely secured the title of the most extravagant ...
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The Punch

Billionaire's daughter gets romantic message from boo before ...

Pulse Nigeria-Mar. 24, 2018
Billionaire's daughter gets romantic message from boo before lavish wedding ... Fatima Dangote's wedding message from Jamil Abubakar, her groom is the ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Meyerhold on theatre semiotics 89
the viewer not a single second was no question why this drama actors
sing and do not say" (There. same.P. 58.).
The rhythm of the music does not match with the rhythm of everyday life:
"Stage rhythm, the whole essence of it-the antithesis of the entity is valid
everyday life" (ibid. P. 62.). Accordingly, the "dance for
our body the same as the music for our feelings: artificially created, do not
turning to the promotion of knowledge form" (ibid. P. 63). The problem
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Sung-Davydov M. Contemporary art of dance // Mask. -- 1912-1913.
-- No 5; Borozdina, N. Ancient Egyptian dance. -- M., 1919).
Semiotic ratio multiple channels-auditory and
visual -- was interested in not only V. E. Meyerhold. "I would like
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ratio of the eye and ear and their functions in the perception of art, he will understand
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never smelled a flower with an open mouth? -- The sense of smell is doubled. It
same thing-listen to the music, hearing and sight. Eye usually dissipates
the attention of the hearing: who wants to concentrate in music -- closes his eyes. With
the other hand, the eye is much more greedy organ than the ear: see how
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rumor: a sight to interest anyone to the joys of hearing
need a special location or development" (Volkonsky S. Person on
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